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Bedfordshire Dementia Handbook


Bedfordshire Dementia Handbook - Caring for family & friends with dementia

The Bedfordshire Dementia Handbook is now available as a key information resource for people with memory loss and their carers.You can view the guide online using the button below:

View the Bedfordshire Dementia Handbook Online

You can also get a hard copy of the guide from your GP, when you register with Carers in Bedfordshire or print your own from the link just below:

Bedfordshire Dementia Handbook - Printable version

Easy Read Version
These documents have been created in an Easy Read format so more people can access information about dementia support in Bedfordshire.
They have been created using images from Photosymbols and Ageing Better. Any questions or feedback, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Getting a Diagnosis in Bedfordshire
Memory Navigation Service
Local Support in Bedfordshire
Managing your Medication
Looking after your Health
Staying in Hospital
Needs & Carers Assessment
Learning about Dementia
Attending Groups & Activities
Caring for Someone
Choosing Paid Care
Staying Safe
Worried about Someone
Going Out