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In the news - stories from around the country

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Dementia UK has compiled the six most common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease, heard by our specialist dementia nurses. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for about 60 per cent of diagnoses.

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If ever there was proof that there is life after dementia, Barbara Windsor surely personifies it. Her official diagnosis with the condition came four years ago. Since then, she’s continued living her life, attending social engagements, meeting fans, going on holiday and even working occasionally, hosting a documentary for BBC Radio 2 last month.

kenya photographerleahbeach

Confronting the stigma and isolation people with dementia face in some communities around the world.

mina elft

East London Foundation Trust Consultant Psychiatrist Mina Bobdey appears on BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme, talking about steps needed to prevent dehydration in people with dementia.