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Looking after yourself

Finding yourself caring for someone you love can be a daunting situation. Here are some tips for looking after yourself

It is really important to look after yourself, so you have the energy to do the things you enjoy and carry on in your caring role.

Speak to your GP

Make sure your GP is aware you are a carer and how that might impact on your health.

Ask for help

Try to be honest with family and friends if you are finding things difficult and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Collect information

People sometimes feel they are overloaded with information and there is huge amounts out there. Attending a carers group gives an opportunity to clarify any questions about the information you have and discuss with people in similar situations.

Be healthy

Make sure you eat well, find time to exercise and get enough sleep if you possible can. Our 5 ways to wellbeing course gives helpful tips about this.

Find time for yourself

Carry on with hobbies and maybe try an activity with other carers. Our NHS Carers Grant scheme may be able to help.

Take a break

Contact Social Services who can arrange day care and respite care. They can also arrange a Carers assessment which might help with arranging a short break. Contact Voluntary sector services, several of them have befriending schemes.