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Local Services

Need more information and support?

Here is a list of local organisations who can offer you a range of different services including advice & information, support and acvities to help you with all things dementia related.

Service Provider


Local contact details

Age UK

 Telephone befriending service, sitting service, help with cleaning, gardening and benefits advice
01234 360510
Alzheimer's Society

 Cognitive Stimulation, music and activity groups for carers and people who have a diagnosis of dementia

 Dementia Connect support line 0333 150 3456

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bedford Borough Council  Advice on help with personal care and respite care and carers assessments

For family Carers

For people living with dementia  

01234 267 422

Carers in Bedfordshire Support for carers of family members and friends throughout Bedfordshire 
0300 111 1919

Community Alarm & Support Service (CASS)  Assistive technology such as falls detector, flood detector and smoke alarms 01525 862461
Central Bedfordshire Council Advice on help with personal care and respite care and carers assessments 0300 300 8036
Community Works 4 U Run the Dementia friendly film club in Dunstable

Dementia Friendly Film Screenings


Disability Resource Centre Information on aids and adaptations and benefits

01582 470900

Flitwick Town Council Run the Forget Me Not group, to support carers and people with memory problems or Dementia Forget Me Not Group
01525 631900
Memory Assessment Service The Memory Assessment Service aims to meet the needs of people who are concerned that they may have a memory problem.

01234 880404

Central Bedfordshire
01767 224181

South Bedfordshire 
01582 657 588

Older People's Community Mental Health Team Multi disciplinary team providing a service for those with complex health problems

Bedford 01234 880345

Mid-Bedfordshire 01767 224181

South Bedfordshire 01582 657588

One Call Help with aids and adaptations  0345 6024064
Tibbs Dementia Foundation Tibbs helps me be myself for as long as possible

01234 210993